2022 Spiritual Awareness Group

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The 2022 Spiritual Awareness Group will begin on January 25th. Although the group will primarily meet on Zoom. I have been a participant of many personal development groups in which the work experienced on zoom has been magnificent. I have no doubt that our work together, meeting virtually, can also be magnificent.

A sense of personal freedom is often the result when one’s focus is placed on the Self that is below the surface level of the mind and personality. It helps to have the support of others to steady one’s attention enough to encourage such focus. The work that occurs in the Spiritual Awareness Group can often feel magical as old beliefs and ideas about how things are begin to dissolve and we have the glorious opportunity to know ourselves directly.

If you or someone you know is ready to address a sense of deficiency, anxiety, depression, loneliness, loss or guilt feel free to contact me:, barbara@spiritualawarenesscounseling.com.

Happy New Year!


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