P1010232Many of us yearn to know who we really are underneath the outerwear and make-up of our personalities. We reach a point in our lives when we realize that all of our efforts thus far have not brought us satisfaction and happiness. That realization may come as a result of a crisis, an unhappy upbringing, or simply be the result of many failed attempts at reaching fulfillment. This is often the moment, after returning to the same difficulties over and over again, when we are finally ready and open to begin the journey home to ourselves.

One of the ways Spiritual Awareness Counseling (SAC) helps us to distinguish who we really are is by helping us identify who we are not. In SAC, we are encouraged to let go of defensive layers of personality and strip down to our essential beauty and truth. As we find the courage and develop the strength to learn the deeper truths about ourselves, we grow in compassion. It is this compassion that liberates us from the syndrome of blame and helps us to create more internal space for love and intimacy.

Through Spiritual Awareness Counseling, we learn to recognize and stop the patterns that limit our life choices and to develop the capacity to make choices that encourage and support aliveness.


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