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FOB_thumbnailComing of Age, a pilot group for women 60 and over.  
Explore the spiritual and psychological effects on our souls to be an older woman in today’s culture.

In August, I will reach the age of 65.  This surprises me as I don’t feel 65 which really means that I don’t fit the stereotypes my mind has picked up about what a woman of 65 years should feel like.

Many of my friends, clients and acquaintances whose ages fall somewhere upward of 60 have shared their own stories about how they do not feel  their age. In fact, many have also expressed how they are feeling a vitality that they would like to cultivate and support in the face of cultural beliefs that those of us who are aging no longer have as much to offer.

As with all transitions, aging requires a continuous integration of the changes we are experiencing in our bodies, within our families, our communities and within our lives in general.   In order to recognize our value and maintain connection with the dynamism of our souls, we must address the challenges we are facing in our lives.

Grief and loss, physical challenges, devaluing cultural beliefs, changes in self-image, feeling without purpose and approaching death are some of the difficult issues that we face as aging women.  Addressing these issues in a supportive environment can help us to re-engage with our deepest nature, discover our purpose, uncover our vitality and express the beauty and the wisdom of our unfolding souls.

The Coming of Age group will provide a kind and loving environment in which to identify and dismantle the false and debilitating beliefs we carry about aging and allow for a spiritual unfoldment into the deeper truths of our lives.

I have found that groups like this one are best developed through word-of-mouth referrals from and to the people we know and love.  Would you please pass this email onto the women in your life who might benefit from participating in the group.  Thank you!

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    Maren Hansen said:
    August 10, 2016 at 5:30 am

    Looks good, Barbara!


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