SoulCollage® June Workshop

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What is SoulCollage®?
SoulCollage® is a heartfelt and hands-on approach to exploring the underlying truth of who you are in any given moment.  It’s an intuitive process reflecting various aspects of one’s soul.

•    It allows anyone, artistic or not, to convey, through images, a snapshot of one or more    aspects of one’s life experience.
•    It is fun and enlightening with deepening exercises that accompany collage creation.
•    It is more than pasting images on a board. It is a process of self-discovery within a community of support and connection.

2016 SoulCollage® June Workshop Logistics

Date:         TBA
Time:         10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Location:   Berkeley
Cost:          $89 per person per workshop.  This includes all materials.
Facilitator: Barbara Reiner, Licensed SoulCollage® Facilitator
To Apply: Call or email Barbara Reiner at 510-506-3902

Bring a friend to the June SoulCollage® Workshop and receive a 1/2 off Discount!

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