Envy & Hatred (in a nutshell)

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Envy and hatred are related.  Nestled right below our envy is a hatred of the object of our envy.

We do not like to admit to either one. Both are socially unacceptable.  Both are considered unattractive.  Both are common to everyone, regardless of our attitude toward them.

In order for us to reclaim our essential state of well-being, we must acknowledge, accept and give our full presence to our envy and our hatred. Denying these emotions only fans their flame.  Resistance encourages our reactivity. Our reactivity reflects our underlying sense of not being enough.  The belief and resulting felt experience of not being enough is fertile ground for the cultivation of envy and its partner, hatred.

My next blog will address:
How can we use these emotions to help us get closer to ourselves and to heal the internal wounds from which hate and envy arise?

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