The Camino

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The Camino…IMG_1517

Saturday, September 19th
One week prior to my upcoming walk on the Camino de Santiago and I am still asking why I am doing this. My responses…I know that I have been strongly drawn to going. I know that, in my being, I feel so right about going. I know that, while preparing for the walk, including many training miles, I have developed a sense of confidence in my capacity to do it and an awareness of my physical as well as my spiritual strength and well-being. As I sit with the question of why I am going, I am also becoming aware of my capacity to be big enough to hold a whole lot of people in my heart. I am not just walking for myself.  I am walking for my greater community.  I am walking because I am curious about this ancient pilgrimage and how I will be affected. I am walking because I know that my prayers while walking will have an affect. I am walking because I am powerful. My walk is a prayer and my prayer is a bridge and my bridge is open-ended. There is no fixed beginning or end. I am holding you on my walk.  With capacity, Barbara


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